Just finished up a new song, "Broken". It's still my weird style, but there's no techno elements this time and I have FAR better orchestral instruments now. I know the drums sound not great, but I did what I could with Garageband. Anyways, tell me what you think of the song. I'll C4C!

Link: http://www.myspace.com/siberianbloodtiger

Also, if you've been following my threads and want to know where this song fits with my concept album I'm working on, PM/message me.
Wow i really like it. Its Got a nice vibe to it and it seems to be pretty solid.

Here are my personal suggestions. They are all really production related because you know what? I can't really figure what to say bad about the music.

1) You mix needs to be somewhat louder. It doesn't have to be screaming loud like most songs on CDs these days but it does need to a little louder try a limiter and compress the mix a little with it. A threshhold of -5 db should do you some good and you will not lose and clarity at that thresh.

2) The midi Programing could be better in some places. The Intro sounds really good. But the part where the solo violin comes in it becomes obvious that its fake. It could be software or could be midi editing. You said you have better midi instruments now so i guess that will help.

3) Drums. Either get Addictive drums or Use some electronic sounds. The Acoustic kit in garageband is cool but its not great and everybody uses it. With addictive drums you can shape your drum sounds more and get more unique tones.

4) EQ. I'm going to make a example out of the really dark guitar part at the beginning.
I under stand that you are going for a really dark sound. Its cool i dig it but it needs to be a little bit brighter so the attacks are more...well there. It will have more of a impact on the listener.

Over all very well done. Very unique i like it. Once you get your production techniques down solid you should make a album and put it on itunes because id buy it.

and the production isn't bad. Its really decent actually.really decent. These were just somethings that i recommend to give you a more professional sound.

Crit mine?Its a little bit different style but I'd appreciate your opinion.
Cool tunes there! The mixing needs much work yhough. And the guitar tone. Especially when the bluesy solo comes in.
Thanks for all the suggestions, man! I still haven't really learned the ins and outs of production so I'll keep all your points in mind.

1) I think I have to do a lot more mixing first, since any louder and the monitor shows lots of clipping. I do agree though, I have to give the song a volume boost in iTunes in my library.

2) I'm pretty sure it's my programming, since the instruments themselves are fantastic IMO (Garritan Personal Orchestra, if you've heard of it). In another song, I got the violin to sound really good, so I might just have to spend some more time with dynamics and such.

3) I'm with you completely on the drums. I normally do use electronic drum sounds (I normally refer to my genre as "orchestral techno rock") but I thought this song called for acoustic drums. If I had the money, I'd definitely invest in Addictive Drums or something similar.

4) Yeah, I still haven't figured out quite what EQ works best. I may try to find a lesson somewhere that tells me how to properly achieve what I'm going for.

Anyways, thanks! I'll go look at yours. Any other comments from anyone are welcome.
Good to hear another one from you! I liked this one the whole way through, my favorite part was the clean guitar solo right around the middle. I really liked the jazzy tone you used. I think the mix was pretty good, maybe the drums could stand to be a little louder. I thought your midi instruments sounded good, the strings were very clean. The track wasn't too busy, so at times in my head I could imagine some distorted leads over the top, maybe right before the violin parts. The whole track has a nice groove, reminds me of some video game tunes from way back (mechwarrior 2: mercenaries).

Keep it up dude!

C4C if you want to- https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1340122
Well first off, its nice to hear music with different elements, and not just someone shredding every solo to show that they have skills. I like the laid back attitude, and think it is a wonderful candidate for a song with some lyrics.

I'm a big fan of the guitar mix, whatever it is that you used. Was it a direct port? USB? Guitar rig? Amplitube?

As for the drums, I really think you should either download EZ Drummer, or if you are against that kind of thing try to find some samples that improve on those...that is the weakest part of your song, but easily reconcilable since just like me, I use machines.

Keep up the orchestral background. I try to incorporate that into my songs as best I can, either with synth or samples, sometimes Nexus or sometimes Edirol.

Also I agree with the louder mix assessment. Try a mastering plugin if you can and even the preset's should improve compressiong and the multi - elements and seperation.

C4C if you could, let me know what you think of my mix. Most of the songs I make are just experiments using different plugin's and effects. I guess this one is more guitar driven then some of my others. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZEIFax36co

Keep it up dude.
supralightning: Thanks! Yeah, there are places where I could've added more, but that'd probably take away from the mood I'm trying to achieve in the last section. I'm still going to remix it/rerecord parts for the final album, though yeah, the mix is alright I guess. I'm going to look at yours in a bit.

wy2sl0: I'm with you on the not mindlessly shredding attitude (I actually try to get as much of that out as I can before I record parts normally)! The guitar mix is just my RP1000 running direct in via USB, double tracked with 2 eBow tracks (that's right, I'm weird ) underneath to fill it out. And yes, I need better drum software. I'm thinking of saving for Addictive Drums, since it seems to have good electronic sounds too for my more techno stuff.

As for your mix, I'll just comment here since you didn't leave a thread. I actually really like the quality of it all, sounds pretty full to me. Might benefit from more treble in places, but I don't know. I'm not the best at pointing out exactly what to change with mixes... The electronic sounds or whatever they are before the 2 minute mark could be turned down though, they seem to invade it a little. Other than that, nice!
I agree with everything else said, I REALLY love those string parts, the drums definately need better samples, people have suggested Addictive Drums, I personally am a fan of Superior Drummer and Slate Drums, but then I'm more into metal.

The overall mix is pretty muddy, the drums are nigh inaudible, and nothing seems to have it's place in the mix. the bass isn't clear enough, and alot of the dark, clean leads are more muddy than they are dark, you can't cut all the highs off leads like that because they just clutter everything else up.

The song itself is pretty nice, though.