Ive been playing guitar a few months now and have my guitar tuned in drop c. One of my friends told me to tune to standard when learning because most lessons and such are in standard and its easier to learn guitar and improve with standard tuning. Is any of this true? should I tune to standard?
If you want to progress then ye tune standard for things like learning scales, chords arpeggios...
Playing in Drop C shouldn't effect how you learn all to much, you still learn the possitions for your scales and the forms for arpeggios. One downside though is when you do learn it, it is ment to be in Standard tuning so what you learn will not necessarily be what you learned. If you learn a D scale for a example, due to your tuning, you will be playing a C scale. Really if you plan on playing mostly in Drop C it could be argued that learning everything in that tuning could be more beneficial. Just my thoughts on your question.
You should learn in Standard. It's much easier cause all lessons are in Standard.

But it is possible to learn in Drop C, you'll just need some thinking when reading lessons. It's like learning in Standard then applicating it on Drop C. You could learn in Drop C and applicate it in Standard. It's just recommend to learn in Standard.
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Yeah, like Kaladere said, if you plan on playing always in Drop C (and have good reason for doing so - not just because Slipknot does it or w/e), then learn the fretboard that way.

But considering that you've only been playing for a few months, I would probably lean towards standard tuning, unless you have a solid musical background with other instruments. Because, yes, the majority of helpful material you will find will assume standard tuning.
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i recommend standard tuning for learning as well. but more than that (and this is important b/c you just started) is learning stuff like what notes are where (not just 3rd fret low string) the most basics of chords and scales. it might seem arduous (and it might be a little) but considering that you just started you have a long time of playing and learning in front of you it will be well worth it - especially if you're anything like most guitarists and say "naw i dont wanna i dont need it" then 10 years down the line you say "man i wish i would've learned that stuff" you don't have to spend hours a day on it, 5 minutes a day and you'll be surprised what you remember after 3 months

i recommend all this stuff b/c it sounds like you enjoy playing in C which is cool, but considering you're not in standard tuning it might not be easy for you to play with someone who is in standard b/c you're not well aware of the relationships between the notes.
Theory wise it's better to learn in standard but it doesn't really matter if you just want to play for the fun of it. I learnt most stuff when I was a beginner in drop d and c. I learnt theory after I figured out how important it is and after watching videos of chris broderick and thinking "HOW THE HELL DOES HE DO THAT?", he then talked about theory so I was like "So if you can use theory to do that stuff I gotta learn it."
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I reccomend learning in standard, it will greatly improve finger strength/accuracy/technique over a much lower tensioned drop C tuning. That and theory wise it will help also.

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learn it whatever tuning you want.
its not like theory was created to suit a guitar tuned to standard, just learn by notes not by shapes.