Here's a sample I'm working on right now, trying to get a good sound. First one is just the snare and the second is a quick clip of it in a mix. Any suggestions are appreciated. Hope you guys don't mind downloading it real quick. If you want to use in a mix, go for it.



EDIT: Forgot to say there's some processing on it. Light compression (2:1 ratio), EQ to boost some lows/mids for punch, and then a little reverb.
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lighten up on the reverb a bit (a lot)

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lighten up on reverb, and maybe try to eq that ringing out of it

just my 2 cents
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Thanks guys, I did get rid of some reverb (all that I had on before) and made a cut a 600hz to lessen the ring. Also Made the fade a little more natural. It's sounding better.