Hey, I've just started on a new song for my band's album, called The Final Breath =]

The song is about someone being diagnosed with an illness, and the battle with it grows and grows in the song untill the end where it beats the person..

You can download the instruments here - http://www.mediafire.com/?45a6eva1533h5ms

(it's copyrighted, so no stealing parts from it)

These are the lyrics I have so far:

Verse I

Here I stand, stricken and dying,
What should I do, I can't stop trying.
There's nothing to even save,
People should begin to pave.

These new stones, over my grave,
I'll stand with you beside me,
Down to the final breath..


Help I crave, and you're one I find,
Whoever knew that I would pine,
For just one simple thing,
That one last breath,
Slipping away..

There are 3 verses and 1 short break. I'm trying to keep the verses the same amount of lines each time.

Any help? Because I don't really know where to go from there..

Thanks guys
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What you have is a great start. Hopefully the following suggestions help. From here, I would talk about him either in the hospital or trying to live worthwhile and getting the condolances from those who know him, rendering their words meaningless because the illness will still consume him. Lastly, I would finish off with him on his death bed, basically looking back on his life and saying his goodbyes. Hopefully this helps. Keep up the good work!
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well for the second verse i think you should probably talk about the person getting angry that they are going to die, sort of like a "why God" moment. as for the last one i agree with Sewn Up that he should be on the death bed, remembering the good and bad times he had and finally accepting his fate then close it with one line knowing he passed.