Okay so I've been playing the acoustic for a little over a year now and decided I also want to play electric too. I'll admit I don't know jack about electric guitars and the amp settings, but I don't want to go buying a cheap electric and amp only to have to upgrade later on. I'm willing to drop up to $1,000 combined (if need be, preferably not) for a solid amp and electric. The type of music I'm looking to play is blues (if it helps, I do like listening to John Mayer's bluesy songs) so with this forum's infinite knowledge, any suggestions?
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Maybe a Mexican Fender Stratocaster and then use the rest of your money for a decent amp.
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Made in mexico fender strat and a fender blues jr amp should do you some good. might go a bit over a thousand unless you can find a good deal or buy used.
Like people are saying, a Made in Mexico Strat, and maybe something like a Vox VT15. Good beginners setup.

Although, I would buy used incase you don't like playing after a few months. You won't loose much resale value if you sell used but a lot more if you sell after buying new.

Just search your local craigslist, or even the Guitar Center online used outlet. They have some really good deals on there.
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So I was researching online on the MIM and I see a lot of people saying that the pickups should be upgraded. Should I be worried about this when I do get the guitar? I really don't have the luxury of a guitar shop in the area I live really so (as much as I would like) I can't exactly play it and find if it sounds good to me
Fender MiM Fender or Telecaster and a Fender Blues Junior. Or maybe an Orange Tiny Terror.

And I wouldn't have thought you would need to change the pickups in a MiM Strat, I thought they had the same pups as the American strats?
I dunno, I was googling online between the MIM and MIA strats and read up on it that the pickups should be changed for the MIM. On a side note, if I were to get a MIM, should I get the HSS or SSS?
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If I were to get a MIM, should I get the HSS or SSS?

your preference. With the five way selector, it really doesn't matter.