So, I'm getting rid of the old ME-50, and replacing it with some REAL effects. I've got about £300 to spend (how much is that in dollars for all you U.S.of A users out there?).

Ive got an Orange Tiny Terror combo and don't really wanna ruin that godly tube tone, so no horrid digital monstrosities please.

I need an awesome fuzz pedal for starters. I'm taken by the new Way Huge Swollen Pickle at the moment, cus of its versatility and shit. But hey, I could buy hundreds of fuzz's and still not be happy.

I need a cool delay - nothing too out there, but a solid choice. I was thinking DD3/DD6 but man they're expensive; for what they are. I can get an EHX Memory Boy for cheaper, and they look really rather good.

And Wah-wise I'm taken by the re-instated Ibanez WH10 (oh yes Mr. Frusciante). I'm fed up of the whole Cry-Baby bandwagon. But yeah, any recommendations here.

Right, if by this stage I haven't spent all of my money then what else do you recommend? ALSO, I need a hand with pedal order, and powering them. What's the best way to power them?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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