Right as I'm enjoying the new Seymour duncans I had installed today? Won't even turn on now. Check the fuse then to peavey service eh? Sucky thing is vie only had it like less than a week.
any black in the fuse means its blown. also check the tubes. if its neither you can probably just return it if its a week old
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You sure its not the guitar? Maybe you wired them wrong. Or did you already play through it? Have you tried another guitar?

Aside from that I have no idea. Good Luck though!

EDIT: Woops didnt see that it wouldnt turn on. In that case...Is it plugged in?

I have no clue now. Sorry for the useless post!
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obvious advise is obvious: amp tech
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I bought it used on fleabay. I put brand new tubes in it the day I got it so it's probably not that. Was thinking I would just check the fuse and then take it to somebody, was just wondering if three were anu other easy things I could check.
I have no idea what you just said
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The tubes were a matched set fro eurotubes.com. Bought it from an ebay dude. This is the 6505 head.

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