I've noticed that people seem to jump all over you for hating a band that is considered great.
Just say the name of the band, and why if you really want.

I'll start:
Led Zeppelin, because I hate Robert Plants voice, and I think Jimmy Page is a thief.
Rush, because I just don't like them (or Neil Peart).
Jimi Hendrix, not because he's BAD, just over-rated beyond all belief.

Try not to kill each other for having an opinion.
System of a Down. Idk if they're considered great, but everyone get's mad when I say I hate them.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
I have an open mind so I can appreciate the merits in most music.
Lynyrd Skynyd - They're just not my cup'o'tea.

The Beatles - I never thought they were that good.

Rush - Geddy's voice.

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I have an open mind so I can appreciate the merits in most music.

my mind is more opener than yours i don't even dislike any songs
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Between The Buried And Me
The Beatles

Whether they are over-rated or not does not concern me because that has nothing to do with how good their music is. I just dislike them because they make terrible music in my opinion.
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I think Megadeth is one of the crappest bands I've heard.

I agree completely. I forgot to mention Green Day (their new stuff sucks) and Slayer
Michael jackson. Right, maybe dislike is a bit strong but i can't understand why this mans was so celebrated. Maybe he invented something or changed music, i dunno. All i think when i hear a Michael jackson song is "hmm, this is alright".

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ACDC blows, KISS as far as I'm concerned doesnt exist, and SOAD can go die. Another one I can't stand: Poison. EWWWWWW!
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my mind is more opener than yours i don't even dislike any songs

I listen to bands that haven't existed yet, but in 50 years 99% of the world will hate them.

Serious answer: Pretty much all classic rock bands. They bore the hell out of me.
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What's up with people mentioning BTBAM in a thread about great bands?

I know, right?
Between the Buried and Me
Guns n Roses

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What's up with people mentioning BTBAM in a thread about great bands?

I thought they were somewhat worshipped in The Pit
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^You're awesome.

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The Rolling Stones: I just hate the music, I don't find it worth my time, and to be honest, I think they need to stop making music and going on tour and call it a career.

Hendrix: Great for his time, but I just can't listen to much of him. And I am sick of people saying " No way man, Hendrix was the greatest guitarist of all TIME" when I state my opinion on the matter.

Kiss: All of their songs to me are super generic and honestly, I don't see much in the way of musicianship. It's all flash and glam, just not my thing.

Metallica: Meh, they have their moments...but again, just not my style of music. I like stuff that is constantly changing and really interesting to listen to with awesome lyrics and such...they just don't always hit me that way.

There are a ton more, but for now that is adequate.
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I love you so much.

The Rolling Stones.
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Between the Buried and Me
Guns n Roses

GNR??? In my opinon the UYI albums are 2 of the best ever recorded

And bands i dislike em

Beatles - never got into them
Aerosmith - really overated
The who - boring....
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Can't think of any I oughtright dislike. I think many of them are overrated, though.

The Beatles, the Rolling Stones. They had some good songs, but I don't see what makes them, particularly the former, the greatest band ever of all time.

Also, Radiohead. I never really got into them.

I do realise that when I dislike something, it's not the music's fault, it's me. FLAME ON.
AC/DC, I never really liked them.
I know there's more, but I'm too lazy.
Actually, most of the bands mentioned before.
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I somehow forgot the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. No explanation, other than I just can't get into their music.
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