Hey I am new to this site and I am looking to cover this specific version to the song (or at least the finger picked first part) I have found this acoustic version the guy who covered it is no longer active on YouTube it seems and I really want to see how he plays it but I just can't get it because I cannot see his hands. If somebody can please tab this acoustic finger picked part, I will PayPal them a small donation (like $10-$15?) I am deadly serious because I believe that this would be an awesome cover for my acoustic session I do around local bars in my area.

Either that, or if anybody can give me any information on anything that could possibly help me get the tab that I need or help me learn it? Anything is helpful and I'd be very grateful.

Sorry to be a pain guys!! I have actually found a guy who finger picks it in a similar way however I can see his hand. No need anymore as I will be making a new tab for this song when I have time