Hi, my band, The Red Eclipse, is looking for someone who can be a lead singer, and/or someone who can play guitar for my band. We play mostly metal music, and are serious about practicing multiple times a week, making songs, and playing shows. We are all teenagers.

If you are interested in singing for my band, please keep in mind that you must be able to scream AND sing (screaming is probably more important, but we also write actual singing parts too), and have a musical backround (ex: know how to count any music/keep time, understand music theory, etc.). We are somewhat tired of singers who think they can sing but lack music theory, so please keep that in mind. The current members of my band all write the music/lyrics, but if you can write the actual way its sung/screamed that would be great.

If you are interested in playing guitar for my band, you must have AT LEAST 1 year's experience, more recommended, and have knowledge of music theory. We already have 1 guitarist, so we are looking for a rhythm guitarist, or a second lead guitarist, if you are good enough (ex: know how to solo in all keys, have knowledge of pentatonic and some mode scales, knowledge of sweeps, but not required). Trading off solos is something that we would do if you can solo, stuff like that. So if you can play a Trivium song, for example, and play it well, you are probably good enough.

As I said earlier, we take the band seriously, write songs, and try to play shows at local venues.

If you want to hear some of our music, go to http://www.myspace.com/fatalblastburn for our songs we have written. Keep in mind those songs are with our old singer, obviously; you can still change the vocal parts if you would like. We also have the songs without vocals on the bottom of the song list if you want to check those out. Also, we have a website, if you want to check that out too: http://www.theredeclipse.com/ . All our songs arent crazy, we're currently working on a softer song.

Some of our influences are Dirge Within, Trivium, Slipknot, As I Lay Dying, AC/DC (the guitarist's solos are influenced by them a bit), From Ashes Rise, Devine Heracy, Five Finger Death Punch, HateBreed, Bullet For My Valentine, and Killswitch Engage. obviously there are more, we can go a bit heavier or lighter.

We live in lower New York, and you might have to supply your own way to get here, but you can email me at thebloodredeclipse@gmail.com if you are interested/have any questions/want more info. Thanks!!
how far are you from Manhattan?

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