Hi there,

Piece can be heard on my profile page, named 'Farrago'.
I wrote this a while back, when I was 14 (I'm 17 now, haha) - but I have basically stripped it down and 'souped' it up quite a bit.

It's in midi, but i think the sound quality is alright (doesn't sound all electronic!), but please be critical as I would like to record this soon with some classical guitars
How could I improve it before recording?

C4C of course,

P.S. The ending is messed up, meant to have trills and all that in, but for some reason wasn't exported with the midi file.
hi, sorry for the late reply, I didn't know what C4C meant, haha

Its really cool, I enjoyed the the way everything went with the guitar.

The harmonies with the guitar and strings went really well. Maybe you should record it properly sometime, definitely needs to be put to justice with some real guitar and instruments.

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For a second a thought that was a real guitar playing That's a nice little tone you got going there. Most midi tracks I've heard are sketchy at best but yours is pretty good! The overall riff/melody whatever you want to call it is catchy as hell! Reminds me of music from those old crash bandicoot games!

The drums were very subtle and complimented the song well. You should definetely record it with real instruments to take the song to the next level!

Crit mines?

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I enjoyed this! I think it's a pretty good track especially for being midi, it held my attention and was pretty catchy. I like how you built everything up right from the intro, it almost reminded me of electronic or trance type music in structure. The break followed by the happy chord progression caught me by surprise, but I think it you worked it in there well, it was a great change of pace. Nice and smooth transition back into the main progression. I hope you get it recorded and enjoy it. There is probably room in there for some lead guitar if you are feeling ambitious!

Good work and keep it up!!

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