'Standing with your back to the wall, you carefully edge round the corner, keeping your eye on the ominous shadows before you...Your breathing harsh, ragged and coming in quick bursts, you close your eyes, steady your breathing and slowly draw your sword...'

'You open your eyes, and with a blood-curdling cry, you rush into the room, ready to face your destiny...You come to a complete stop when you are greeted by the looming forms of....Kirby? Samus Aran? Sonic? Chris Redfield? ...What the fuck?'

Anyone else ever had vivid dreams after playing video games for any period of time?

Post your stories/dreams/memories etc. Even the really obscure, confusing ones.

DISCLAIMER: Sorry if this has been done before. I don't use the searchbar.
I have, but I nothing like that.

I had a dream a few years ago where I was in Elder Scrolls.
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I have, but I nothing like that.

I had a dream a few years ago where I was in Elder Scrolls.

Like, as the main character? If so, thats pretty cool
I occasionally have video game elements in my dreams, like having Guybrush Threepwood, Link, Mario, they guys from Left 4 Dead etc in my dreams, or even the monsters from Silent hill . And Sometimes I encounter the places from some games, but I rarely dream JUST about games, would be cool thought.. :/
the last videogame style dream I had, involved me, rabidguitarist and spanishyanez running about in Rapture, pissing off the Big Daddies, stealing all the EVE, and selling it like drugs.

Kinda weird, but ya know..
I had one dream where my house was massive and inexplicably full of monsters and weapons. I don't remember much, but I do remember there was an old bearded man hiding in my cupboard that would talk to me about something, and in my back yard there was a thing. It had legs a cross between a spider's and a goat's, and the limp body of a naked dead man that would move back and forth as the legs walked. And in my front yard was a seemingly infinite number of shotguns, each with more barrels than the last, I got up to an 11-barreled one before I stopped and moved on.

It sort of escalated from there, culminating in me shooting Satan and playing with gyroscopes in a spaceship made of carpet.
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