Nicely done man. At the first loop when you got up and moved to change instruments I was caught off guard -- what software are you using to loop your stuff like that?

Your acoustic playing was really nice and smooth, well done.

To be honest the vocals at the end were a bit weak, but everything else made up for it.


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YOU AGAIN. nice job man! creative percussion as always. reverse audio was cool too. no complaints really, although the vocals were kinda meh. keep 'em coming!

also, i live in Middle Tennessee, so that vid made my day.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1337013
Thansk a lot for the crit, I'm working on what you've said

Your cover is awesome! So creative! Loved the effects, the percussion! I'm subriscibed and I guess you've got a die hard fan
That was pretty trippy. You have some cool software and you put it to good use. PS...you remind me of one of the guys from the whitest kids you know.
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Wow, you got a huge sound from that acoustic, what mic were you using?
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That was a really interesting cover, it's great to see people get creative and it actually sounds pretty neat in the end. The vocals sound a bit flat, so try to work on that but it's a lot of great stuff you're putting in there.
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