I bought a roland cube and squier fat strat a few days ago. I am trying to play Layla (eric clapton.)

The lower riff sounds fine, the riff on the a and d strings, but when i do the higher riff on the b and e strings on the 13, 14 frets, instead of a screaming electric guitar, it sounds like a harp or something... as in its a lot quieter than the lower strings

I've tried on clean on my amp and distortion mode, and metal mode, with low and high gain. it seems to sound better on high distortion and metal, but when i do that the chords that come after sound too dirty and distorted.

I am using the 2nd single coil with the tone knob turned on 10, the cleanest possible.
I am using light nickle plated strings

is this a pick up/string/amp problem?
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Fret buzz or intonation problem?
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Clapton rolled the tone back on his strat. As far as trying to sound comparable, it's probably not going to happen on a Cube. Try the bridge/middle position and roll your tone back and crank the highs.
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Clapton rolled the tone back on his strat. As far as trying to sound comparable, it's probably not going to happen on a Cube. Try the bridge/middle position and roll your tone back and crank the highs.

sorry if this is a noob question, i am a noob after all :P

but what do you mean rolling the tone back? like the tone knob for the pick up im using? I have the tone on like 10 which is as clear as i can get it. and i suppose by the bridge position you mean picking near the bridge right?
He means selecting the bridge pickup. And unless you've modded your Strat, there's no tone control wired to that position. Your problem sounds like fret buzz though. Try raising the bridge saddles of those two strings a bit.
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I suppose it might be buzzing frets, i dont know what they sound like.

When I push down on the string and sound it, and then i lift of the finger, it leaves a extra sound as i take off my finger, kinda like a pull-off or something, even when i dont want it to. this happens especially at higher frets. Is this normal?
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^Yeah its perfectly normal, let me guess it happens more on a distorted setting than on a clean one?

Yes, you need to learn how to mute, and thats probably why your higher strings sound funny since you have the lower ones still ringing
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intonation/action problem, and/or need new strings
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i checked my intonation, the tune at 12th fret is same, so its not intonation (i adjusted b string's intonation a bit, i THINK it sounds a bit better...) The b string still sounds a bit like a sitar (only a little bit) as in its a lot quieter than the g string. I suppose this is due to my 9-42 strings (which i just changed, its probably too light) or minor fret buzz maybe?

Not sure what fret buzz is suppose to sound like but when I do solos and stuff they sound alright, but when I do hard strumming the guitar has sort of a loose string sort of vibrating sort of sound (barely noticeable, i think it comes from the strings not from the amp) Would that be what you call fret buzz?

2 different ways of playing so i think it'll be hard to find a good action for that..
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