It's all about what you prefer. Combos are a lot more convenient in terms of portability, so you can take them places if need be. Stacks can give you a more dynamic sound. If you have a 4x12 cab, it pushes more air from more places so it will have an impact on the sound of your amp.

For a more in-depth answer, ask here. Those guys are really smart and helpful. Good luck.

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a lot of reasons, some people argue that its louder and a fuller sound because of there being more speakers, theres more versatility because you can switch cabs...

also some combo amps that have half stacks that are the same model are actually normally louder and higher watt but theyr only playing through 1 40 watt speaker as opposed to 4 in a half stack

really if your playing in your bedroom get a combo, if you want to play gigs get a half stack

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