So I saw a peavy vrpyr that I wanted to buy on craigslist and contacted the seller on buying on amp. When we meet to exchange the goods, how should I test the amp to make sure everything's working properly? I don't want to go in and just start messing around with the controls and not check everything.
That honestly seems the best way to do it, tweak around with everything
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Make sure the amp doesn't make any weird noises when it's on, check the condition of the tubes if it has any (don't mess too much with a tube amp), and bring your own guitar to make sure you like the amp's tone. But yeah, other than that, give the amp hell

Oh and a little trick I learned from a guitar buyers' guide: With the amp turned off, stomp your foot next to the amp and listen for any rattling noises.
Lol alright I'll give that amp hell when I get to it.

And the foot thing is a tip I've never heard before but sounds like it'd be a good way to check for any loose parts.