Ok so I've been learning my first scale the past 10 days or so, I chose to start with the natural minor scale.

I've learned it (in G at the moment) all over the fretboard and I'm also learning how to build chords with it and arpeggios/how the it sounds and feels etc, in a few days I'll start working on moving this G minor to all other keys which should be easy to do since they're the same pattern but might take some getting used to..

But when I'm done with the minor scale what scales are next on the order of importance?

I'm thinking tackling the major scale next, then blues, then major/minor pentatonic..

Should I learn the harmonic/melodic minor scales after though since I'll already know the natural minor? Should I learn the modes of the major scale after learning it, or should I save that for later?

Pentatonic before blues?

I play mostly rock/blues type music but I want to become a better musician in general and I'm not sure what to tackle first/next, any advice??
Personally, I think it would be good to start with your Major Scales. Then your Minors. And when you learn them, learn them in every position on the fretboard.
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Major scale, then I'd do pentatonic major, then minor/pentatonic minor.
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pentatonic minor and pentatonic major are really the same, except that one starts one note (in the pentatonic scale) lower than the other
All those scales derive from the major scale. You should also be learning how to play the minor scale in different keys and identify the key of the songs so you can actually apply them.
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Major scale. After that, learn how to adjust intervals and the others will fall like dominoes.
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