Away From Him

On an airplane away
To another destination
He's moving on
Forgetting everything you've left him

He'll throw all his books away
His summer and his life
Cause the thought of remembering you
Is the one thing that he fights

He's knowing now
He never fell in love with you
He only ever fell for this

Loving one is harder
When you realize what is
The beautiful word
That left him crying in the wreck

But he knows now he's left you
And all of your smile
Inside a bottle stamped fragile
Heading for a million miles

Away from him
Away from him

He's woken up from broken dreams
To oceans dancing low his feet
A sunlight in the sky
He has the heart to say goodbye


Say goodbye to sunset walks
Say goodbye to late night talks
Say goodbye to thoughts we shared
Say goodbye to what's not there
Say goodbye to everything
To mysteries and the worlds she sings
Say goodbye to first seeing
You being happy