While at the music shop today I played some of the guitars and they really did not appeal to me at all. I played Ibanez, ESP, Epiphone, Jackson guitars and whether they were under $1000 or over $3000 I could not tell much of a difference besides different color shape etc... As a side note Alexi Laiho's signature model was cumbersome with its v shape.

Maybe I am just attached to my inexpensive starter guitar and all others feel foreign and uncomfortable like a pair of boots that need to be broken in.

Has anyone noticed this?
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Hell, I have somewhat of the same problem. Most guitars at the store are set up so bad I can't play them that well at all
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@rickyj not long only a few months, how long does it take to tell the difference between a $300 guitar and a $3000 dollar guitar (besides looking at the price or knowing what model it is)?

@Kyleisthename one of the guitars had a loose low e string which was quite annoying.
it's not really an issue of time spent playing. It's more spending time with more guitars.
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Price shouldn't really come into it. If you dont like the feel of a guitar then its not for you. YOU and only YOU can decide if a guitar feels/sounds good in your hands. I'd rather buy say a £350 epiphone les paul because it felt/sounded good (to me) than a £2000 Gibson just because its got Gibson on the headstock.
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They may not have been set up properly, I find this quite a lot in shops
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When you pay that much for an instrument, its usually for the small things. How it stays in tune for days, plays effortlessly but still with the clarity and authority of a higher action, lets your forearm rest perfectly, and of course doesn't break when it falls down the stairs.

TBH, you shouldn't care about a guitar that nice yet anyways, its too good for you. Oh and many music stores suck for their setups nowdays, try Best Buy x.x
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Quote by DeathByDestroyr

TBH, you shouldn't care about a guitar that nice yet anyways, its too good for you.

Could you explain this ill conceived logic. If a person new to guitar can afford a top end guitar then why should they not be allowed to buy it. This bigoted approach is usually born out of jealousy.
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learning which guitars feel nice does just come down to being around them more more often than not the only thing differenng between the $1000 guitar and the $3000 is the hardware and pickups they use and those things take a while to notice
Unless it is a complete pig, nothing feels as comfortable in your hands as the guitar you learned to play on. Being able to comfortably switch between neck shapes comes from experience playing several guitars. Still even the pros often have a favourite guitar and it isn't always a great guitar. Reports have it that BB King's guitar "Lucille" is a total pig to play. And look at Rory Buchannen's guitar. How could a neck that worn out be any good? But he plays it like a man possessed.
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I find it a lot and it's annoying. I have been playing an encore for the last few years, for some reason it feels so nice for me to play, it's perfect. Though it's about £50...

Then I try playing other by far superior guitars, les pauls, gibsons etc etc even the real fenders, and they feel horrible to me.
The guitar you played on all your time practicing is the most comfortable to you?

You don't say!
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Play a 60's neck strat, the ibanez guitars i played (minus the PGM) all had thin necks and weren't really comfy for my huge hands

its all about taste man, if you don't like it don't buy it!
Guitars do feel different, Some feel nice to play straight away but you'll find you have to have a little time to get used to playing a strange guitar. Obviously if your sitting down with a V model it's gonna feel strange before you even attempt to play it.
I've got friemds that are new to learning guitar and when I let them have a go of my SG, they still can't get a decent tune out of it, perhaps your not at the stage where your comfortable playing any guitar yet?

I love playing different guitars. I get so excited trying summin new, even trying a low budget guitar. And if it doesn't feel good, i don't put it down straight away, i give it some time. Most of the time, i get used to the new feel and then i've learnt about how i play and what i need to watch out for.

For example. I started out on a old 70s strat, with the super fat C neck, massively heavy body, then i went to the shop and tried out a gibson, totally didn't like it, but i sat there and kept playing and found out that i ancor my palm on the body sometimes and the gibson's strings are way further off the body than fenders, and that was the reason for the strange feel. But I also find muting the high strings way easier on those gibson bridges.

So next time you grab a guitar and don't like... keep playing but also be thinking... 'why does this feel like a huge turd in my hands?'

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