My family had lived in the lowlands near the river for generations
we ate and drank from our river, the Nile
Our gods didn't punish us like yours now do in revelations
We thought our gods were only there to provide
But from the blue came sounds, reverberations
Stone chariots we thought, in the sky
They walked to us in black decoration
Their foreign toungue to which we couldn't reply
With all of these details and thier strange skin
Thier divinity could not be denied
The elders preached that in our religion
God could only be seen after you died
Because of this the gods couldn't dismiss them
But this couldn't be rebuttled while alive
and no revelations for us had been written
So the gods settled the manner with a knife
With no other beliefs we only listen
With no other evidence we couldn't deny
So they gave us all of our directions
Led us to the river in single file lines
Over the side of the boat I looked at my reflection
Broken from drops of the water I cried
Now I think from an old gas station
How did we beleive all of those lies
Maybe this was our place of damnation
Beacause now our heaven is a strip mine.
And you know those stone chariots that came from the sky?
I now know they are called helichopters.