I have an Edge 3 trem system, and it seems really limited in motion compared to other floyd rose type tremolo systems. If I push down really hard, the bar can make it parallel to the body, but I feel like I might break something if I push that hard. Is there anyway to make it feel easier to pull up and down, so I can extend the range of motion?
It's recommended (to most), that in standard tuning, using gauge 10 strings, that the whammy bar should touch the body/scratchplate, and will go up from a minor 3rd to a perfect 4th, depending on how high or low your action is.

My tremolo systems will touch and go major 3rd, but I don't have my action super super low.

Sorry, I forgot that diminshed 4th sounds = to major 3rd. Too much theory revision xD
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How many springs do you have in the back cavity?
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oil the knife edges and springs with light machine oil/sewing machine oil (you only need a couple of tiny drops),