I'm in the market for a new Musicman guitar. Which would you prefer and why?

Music Man John Petrucci with piezo bridge

or a

Musicman Axis in Trans-blue with D-tuna?

I know both guitars differ and its a matter of subjective preference, but I've narrowed it down to these two guitars after playing both. I just thought I would gather some thoughts and other opinions on the matter.

Any opinions would be appreciated
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Unless you are a die-hard Floyd Rose fan, go with the Petrucci. It plays and sounds better IMHO; it has a piezo pickup and it is a more comfortable guitar to play and wear for an extended period of time. The tremolo and locking tuners on the Petrucci give plenty of stability unless you are into Dragonforce-type tremolo madness. MM and Petrucci really got it right with his signature models.

There is a new version of it with black hardware and an ebony fretboard, and I have always thought that the only thing I would like to see changed on the Petrucci is to offer it with an ebony board. Personally, I prefer his original design over the latest incarnation, but both are spectacular instruments and you just can't go wrong with them.

That having been said, the Axis is a fine guitar and is every bit the quality MM guitar that the Petrucci is. It is rather like choosing between a Ferrari and an Aston Martin. We should all be burdened with such choices.
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Honestly you should really try to play them. The feel of the Petrucci definitely isn't for everyone. Regardless of the one you choose you'll be getting a high quality, great sounding insturnment.

Having owned both a Petrucci and an Axis Supersport (pretty much the same as a regular axis, except it has a hardtail bridge, a 5 way selector, and a V and T), I prefered the Petrucci. It sounded huge, and the trem is easily my favorite of all time.