Hey guys,
This is Vinayak here,
I really have this desire to understand guitar amps,what tube amps are,guitar pick ups etc
and i am really confused wether the effect pedals are better or a muli-effects processor?
Read the stickies. Particularly the one that explains what you're asking.
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Tube amps are amps that use the old fashioned Thermionic Valves (or Vacuum Tubes as Americans call them) instead of transistors. This Wiki entry describes what they are quite well. Valves distort more progressively than transistors and generally just sound a lot better, esp in guitar amps. Something like 95% of all tubes made today go into guitar amps.
Pickups are basically a wire wound around a magnet. When a steel string passes through the magnetic field it causes a current to flow proportional to the rate of movement of the string. Once again Wikipedia explains the basics pretty well here.
Generally speaking, single pedals are better quality than multifx with some notable exceptions like the TC G-System. MultiFX come into their own when used in set lists so you can have everything programmed precisely for each song and cycle through them. Individual pedals are easier if you're just jamming.

Hope that helped. And read the stickies here. Some really good info there.
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