I have had a peavey vypyr 30watt amp for quite some time now and I still don't fully understand how to use it. I can figure out how to get a distorted sound out of it and a clean sound but I'm finding it hard to get a good electric tone out of it. I do know how to use the amp but It's just a matter of being able to get the right tones I want out of it. (If you know what I mean) Any advice?
for you? I suggest reading the manual.
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Quote by AcousticMirror
for you? I suggest reading the manual.

No I did that (probably should have mentioned before) I understand how to use it, I just cant get a good balance of clean and distortion on it.
dude just turn the amp model dial, adjust gain and eq, finally find a good volume and plug away. seriously your asking this question? turn knobs til you like it if nothing else
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