So, I'm getting rid of the old ME-50, and replacing it with some REAL effects. I've got about £300 to spend (how much is that in dollars for all you U.S.of A users out there?).

Ive got an Orange Tiny Terror combo and don't really wanna ruin that godly tube tone, so no horrid digital monstrosities please.

I need an awesome fuzz pedal for starters. I'm taken by the new Way Huge Swollen Pickle at the moment, cus of its versatility and shit. But hey, I could buy hundreds of fuzz's and still not be happy.

I need a cool delay - nothing too out there, but a solid choice. I was thinking DD3/DD6 but man they're expensive; for what they are. I can get an EHX Memory Boy for cheaper, and they look really rather good.

And Wah-wise I'm taken by the re-instated Ibanez WH10 (oh yes Mr. Frusciante). I'm fed up of the whole Cry-Baby bandwagon. But yeah, any recommendations here.

Right, if by this stage I haven't spent all of my money then what else do you recommend? ALSO, I need a hand with pedal order, and powering them. What's the best way to power them?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
fuzz - dba fuzz war, super sonic fuzz gun
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wah - i don't know what a wah does.
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For Fuzz, the Swollen Pickle is very cool, I'd say also try the analogman Sun Face, as well as the obvious ZVex Fuzz Factory.

As far as delay goes, I love my MXR Carbon Copy, definitely at least give it a try, if nothing else.

And for Wah, try a Morley Wah as well. But the Ibanez is still pretty sweet.

And for power, I use a DC Brick, and it works ok for me.
Thanks syngates. Yeah the sunface looks rather luscious, but aren't they a tad pricey? Also, the Pickle offers versatility.

I'll check out the Carbon Copy too.

Thanks man.
The DD-3 is digital.

Also there's nothing inherently wrong with digital pedals. There are bad analog pedals, and there are bad digital pedals. You can't even have an analog reverb without it sounding like crap (and no, spring reverb is not the same thing as analog reverb)

I'm not sure you want a delay, though, if you're using the Tiny Terror for distortion. The amp will distort your delays and cause them to all run into eachother, leaving it sounding really messy. It can be kinda cool depending on what you want, but it's not the same as running the delay in the effects loop... if you're running the TT relatively clean, though, you won't have many problems.
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Have a look at the t-rex fuel tank for a power supply. Dd-6 is a digital pedal where as the carbon copy is not. It depends what you want though, dd pedals are alot more versatile but i chose the carbon as it sounds a little better to me.
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Thanks guys.

Yeah I usually have the TT set with a very distant bit of break up, so relatively clean. I'm also gonna be experimenting with the volume knob on the guitar for cleaning up sounds too.

Also, I said 'digital monstrosities'. I don't mind the DD-3 or whatever, I just hate to see these god-awful multicoloured flashing lights instead of pedals.

Delay wise, I'm quite taken on the EHX Memory boy. It's around 30-40 pounds cheaper than the Carbon Copy, yet seems more versatile too???

Also, I may invest in some form of boost pedal? Something just to bring out a sound in the mix more. I know the steadfast choice is the MXR MicroAmp, but there's so much choice, I kinda want something different.
for a boost there is also the ehx lpb. cheap and supposed to be decent.

for a fuzz, i really want a muff clone from stomp under foot. maybe not what you are looking for, but everyone who has grabbed one likes them. fuzzes are really different, so im not sure exactly what you are looking for. lots of good stuff out there, hard to recomend things.

delay, looks like you are on the right track. havent tried the new ehx small delays, but i love my deluxe memory man. if you like the sound of the memory boy, go for it. keep the malekko in mind as well, lots of people like it. carbon copy is kinda meh IMO, but it does the job. ibanez ad-9 is another option in that similar price range. not very versitile, but i like the tone.
Nice one.

And Fuzz wise I'm looking for that luscious, thick, creamy, clean fuzz, rather than anything too SGHHJBHF^RW&*£(*&^.