I am in the market for a guitar that produces a nice distorted metal sound for playing post-hardcore, metalcore etc.
First thing i will mention is that i am from Australia so the selection is a little more limited and i am quoting all prices in AUD.
I have been playing for a few months on a cheapo ibanez guitar and i am looking for something that can give me a decent sound and allow me to play harmonics.
A few guitar that I have been looking at are:

Ibanez RGA32 – $576 (2010 model, lz3 pups, but no locking bridge,tremolo)
Jackson JS30DK – $599 (basically looks similar to above but a locking bridge and tremolo)
Ibanez RG370DX – $650 (Does anyone know how the infinity pups compare to the LZ's for a metal sound?)
Ibanez RGA32T – $550 (has an edge 3 locking system that the RGA32 doesn't BUT has the PSND pups)
Schecter Demon Floyd Rose – $637 (Floyd rose and Active HB-105 Pickups)
Esp LTD M100 – $663.20

As you can see i really can't make my mind up between these guitars as they each have their pros and cons.
Any advise or input from anyone who has one of these guitars or another decent guitar in the price bracket would be great.
I am planning to try out as many of these guitars as I can but to try them all out means a lot of travel as no one music shop seems to have them all.
Inb4 everyone else.
Upgrade your amp first. I think roland cubes are so shoddy.
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Well what is your current guitar actually?
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Well if you upgrade your guitar and keep the amp your not going to notice that much of a difference.

With that sort of money, you could get a blackstar ht-5 and some pedals to give you the exact tone you need with plenty money to spare.

Or you could get a Peavey Vypyr Tube if you want modelling.
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Oh, I'm from the UK and went on US sites seeing dollor and not thinking.
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I edited my post above, that price was for a seperate amp and speaker.
Too bad since i have owned my roland cube the resale value has diminished significantly.
Guitars don't really produce certain sounds, amps do. So as said above, if you're looking to change your sound, your amp is your problem, not your guitar.

For those genres, you want to look at a Peavey 6505, or (since that is most likely out of your budget) a Bugera 6262, or something similar. I'm not very educated on Bugera's.

And always, look used. You may be able to squeeze something in.

If you're skeptical, know this: When you're playing through a good amp, even the shittiest sounding guitar will sound alright. And your guitar is far from the shittiest.
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