Is it possible to mic and record a drumkit with it? I know i can just use the mic plugins and whatnot on it and record my guitar through an amp rather than the BR itself, and i know they have drum machines on them, but see, i actually like to play drums, not take the softie approach and do it digitally. i got a standard kit, bass drum with double pedal, two rack toms, a floor tom, a snare, and 8 cymbals (14,16,18 crash, 20 ride, 14 hats, 14 closed hats, 10, splash) and yeah..
The old BR600 is being replaced by the new BR800 soon which offers two more inputs which are fully XLR balanced, (a nice addition compared to the BR600's phono jacks...).

Sure you could record with one of these small MTRs but be aware that most don't have many inputs and so you'll be limited to using 2-4 mics at one time....which really limits how well you can tweak the sound of the overall kit in the end.
I personally would not record a standard 5 piece kit without 8 mics and an interface/computer combo to go along and track each mic separately.