Hi all,

This is the first video I've put on youtube of myself. I've not had any feedback from actual guitarists, so I'd like to ask you to give me some positive criticisms etc. if you will.

The only feedback I've got is from my mum's boyfriend, a guitar player of 30 years, who said it had 'no feeling'. To be honest this was abit of a slap in the face haha but, would you agree?


Edit: Possibly a good idea to add the link?


There we go
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You got a really nice sound there, I really like your vibrato too.
But I didn't enjoy the last minute as much as the rest somehow

You just look so bored while playing this,
This is probly what your mums boyfriend meant with 'no feeling'.
You should try to feel more into the song if your playing something like this,
Try closing your eyes and make some santana faces and it automaticly gets more feeling.

[no need for c4c since I didn't post anything yet ]
really nice tone and playing man. you do look pretty bored while playing, but i don't know if that necessarily constitutes "no feeling". i think it got a little sloppier near the end, but meh. a little more legato wouldn't hurt either. overall very nice job though.

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