I'm thinking of buying a epiphone les paul custom silverburst, which i found on craigslist. It seems like a really good deal, but I was wondering when i go to look at it how i can tell if it's legitimate or not.

any advice would be great
Try taking a look at the Headstock Logo and if it looks like the others you have seen and look for slight details that may be off. Check the hardware and make sure it looks original. The biggest kicker is going to be getting the serial number and verifying it with Epiphone/Gibson.com. Did you provide a serial? and is their original paperwork with the sale?

For instance ; Fake is on the left and the real is on the right.

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check the cavities if you can, if its all nicely done then it looks good

the most important part is the tone, if it sounds good then its probably real, and if it sounds good and its fake then buy it anyway coz no1's gonna know its fake unless you tell them :P
visit the manufacture`s site and compare them, then visit a shop and play one and examine it so you become familiar with a legit one
The tone control alignment is often incrorrect on counterfiets. The location od the toggle switch and shape of the horn as well. Look at the control cavity cover, it should be offset so that it only fits on one way. If it's symetrical it's wrong.
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