hi. i have some left hand problems that are really important to me,first i must sey that some years ago may left hand index finger broked, and now i see that i have some problems on this finger,although my teacher says that's not true but he says my finger position is incorrect!and i tryed over months to correct this but it's not ganna go right,here is the problem:
my teacher says the bottom of left hand's index finger must touch the guitar neck for left hand leaning,and i saw many artist's videos that shows he's true,but i think my hand has some problem and another problem is that my fingers are lengthy and if i do this my fingers will be in the way that i can't mute the string below my index finger with it.so i uploaded some shots

my index finger in 2 angles one with leaning on the neck and one in the air

like the previous one

below is the position the fingers sretch but again the same problem

so whitch is correct? can i play with my eindex finger and nearly whole left hand on the air??
<< this problem shows itself specially on the first two string upper 12 fret>>
so i'm so worrried about this problem and it's very serious for me,i think my teacher can't help me,so hope you do
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i guess your technically supposed to have your hand against the neck but you dont have too, its all about preference. if you can play more comfortably without having your hand touch the neck go for it.

sometimes when im trying to get some deep bends on the g string around the 14th fret ill take my entire hand off the guitar except my fingers and my thumb, i put my thumb on the opposite the 2 dots on the side of the neck(not the dots on the front of the neck where the strings are) and i push with my thumb and pull with my fingers. it actually works pretty well
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are there any famous guitarists that play this way?

im sure there are but its not important enough for them to even tell anyone about it so no one realizes it. as long as you can play while youve got your hand like that it doesnt really make a difference

although looking at the pictures again, if you dont have your fingers arched and you play on a string other than the high e you might end up muting the string below the one your playing on if you try to play that one too.
finally i got the solution.
after seeing many videos in slow motion specially some from lick library videos i found that 'when players wanna play the notes on the 1 and 2 strings 12+ frets, they put their index finger abit upper the string i mean they dont play the note with their index fingertip,for example when they were playing note on the first string their index finger pointed some where between 1 and 2 string and i thought they are playing on the 2nd string.so i played this shape and the problem gone about 50 to 70%.
what's your opinion?am i right about that?