okay let's talk about them pods in general, since i might just finally buy my dream pod... the x3 live..!!

so every time u gig, there's a different PA system... so u gotta tweak your tones to make them sound right...
right now im using a floorpod, and i have to eq each tone before playing..

it's a big pain in the u-know-what coz i use like 10 tones
when/IF i get the x3 live, that'd be even more frustrating...

so is there any other solution?? could perhaps attaching a boss equalizer at the output of the pod (before the PA) solve this problem?? as in if u just change the eq on THAT pedal, would it change all ur tones the same way??

to put it another way.. is it possible to maybe UNDO the tonal changes u get by the PA mixer by using an eq stompbox?

If you've got any kind of sound guy he should be able to help with EQ'ing to the room. Ask for more mids, less bass, whatever etc
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the tonal changes made by the PA are at the very end of the chain, you don't get to fix those with any of your gear, that's what the mixing desk and sound engineer are for. there's nothing to stop you putting an M108 or a GE7 or something after the POD, before you head out to the desk, but trust the sound guy. Why would you know better about the room, if chances are that's a room he does sound in every night?