I'm tackling my first build at the moment and stumbled across a problem when trying to fret a bound neck. Aside from the binding glue flowing into my fret slots, I didn't have a quick and easy way of cutting back the fret tang to clear the binding.

Having searched the GB&C forum, I can't find any info here already so I thought I'd share what I found to be a cheap alternative to StewMac's Fret Tang Nippers... also easily accessible to UK residents.

I know it's possible to do this with end cutters, files, Dremels, etc, but the nippers (I've been told) are a lot quicker. So...

Get some cheap metal nibblers from MUTR.co.uk (min order £10, just over £13 for three sets inc P&P) or Rapid (no min order but just under £13 for one set).

Then follow this link to see the minor modification required.

I received my order from MUTR today (3x nibblers for just over £13) so I will be testing out this method very soon.

NB. To buy just one set of nibblers from Rapid will only be about £1 cheaper than buying three sets from MUTR.
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Man, I bought a set of Stanley MaxSteel end cutters for £8 from B&Q. If you grind the ends flat, they're perfect for cutting the fret ends and for removing the tang underneath (to go over binding). I've found that you need quite a bit of leverage to get through the frets, so smaller cutters don't fare so well.