Me and my friend were just playing an awesome game, this is how you play:

put a matress on the stairs,

sit at the top of the stairs (which is now a giant slide)

cover yourself in a bed sheet to reduce friction for extra speed

Holding a spray can of deodrant and a glass of water, slide down the stairs while spraying the can, and drinking the glass of water, try and finish the glass by the time you hit the bottom landing.

It was awesome! we didnt actually manage it, but one of us dropped the glass and the spray can half way down and flipped over, and then the glass of water fell down the stairs and got water everywhere and my friend (who did the sliding) smashed into the radiator on the landing.

All in all, this game was awesome, and we reccomend it to you all!
what are you even saying
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How about no.
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Why a can of deodorant? It doesn't give you extra propulsion down the stairs...
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prob not.
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Why must I cover myself in a bed sheet if I am presumably on the mattress, why am I making my staircase smell like a twelve year old boy's room, why am I drinking water at high speeds, and why am I holding glass when I'm probably going to crash?

. Sorry. I am probably no fun.

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duuude! that sounds awe-some!
but I still fail to see the point of the deo...
There's this other game that people like you should check out - it's really mind blowingly awesome. See, you go to the doctor, and he makes it so your penis doesn't work right anymore and you can't have kids. It's called Vesectomawesomy.
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