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Most of us have that one thing in our town that makes us ashamed to say we're from there, what's yours?

Mine are these kids right here. 15 years old, btw.

we live in new brunswick canada, and they think they're legit gangsters. all's they talk about is stabbing people and dope.

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All the young people go to the worst pub in town.

And there's no employment for anyone who doesn't have years of experience and/or a million qualifications.
The fact I'm an hour from the nearest city
Hull City A.F.C

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These guys are teh br00thulz **** yeah
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There's nowhere to get decent coffee... That's about it really.
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TS, you should stab them while on dope.

they've already threatened to stab me and my friend before with a screwdriver. they're great people
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they've already threatened to stab me and my friend before with a screwdriver. they're great people

Just tell them you'll use your pen knife to get them.
I hate the lack of good ethnic food in close proximity to my residence. When I was visiting my wife while we were dating/engaged on the north side of Chicago, we could get just about any kind of food we could want delivered or within walking distance of her apartment. German/Greek/Mexican/Chinese/Japanese, whatever you wanted. Now, on the side of Indianapolis we have fuck all.
There's like, riots all the time.
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there are a ton of really gross slutty girls in my town and the town is filled with all these skateboarders that think that they are badass
Those guys are pretty cool.
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The people here suck, bout 99% of the kids here are like those in your town. Standing at local playgrounds, scaring away the parents and their kids shouting bs at people like me.
I seriously ask myself how these people are capable of looking at them selves in the mirror. I'm of opinion that they should all off themselves.
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There's nothing to do, it's full of old people who hate kids, so many chavs and pikeys around. Like today me and my friends were sat in a park and some people were playing football on the other side of the little river that runs through it, a group of chavs walked by and started throwing massive stones at the people playing football. I mean wtf. Stuff like that shouldn't happen. I felt like fighting the chavs, but they would've killed me so I didn't. There is litter everywhere and no where nice to sit or do anything anymore. It's just a sucky place.

Oh yeah and there are a ton of preppy sluts who look at me like I'm a piece of dirt.
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there are a ton of really gross slutty girls in my town and the town is filled with all these skateboarders that think that they are badass


And there are too many tourists on our Beaches.
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I live in Essex. Need I say more?
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Well we have about 6 Dunkin' Donuts and Honey Dew Donut places on one street, and other than that the most interesting thing are cows. It's boring here.
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People here just like getting beaten up, they play it bad ass until we beat the shit out of them (they're just like the ones on that video )
-My house is a 15 minute drive away from a city.
-My broadband has a 15GB per month allowance.

These are the only things that phase me slighty.
Well what I hate is that there are very little venues for rock and metal music where I live. One is christian only, one is hard as hell to get booked in, and the last one is the only one we can really get in.

The other is all the gangsters and thugs where i live...they aren't terribly rampant but every once in a while some one gets shot or killed. and they have recently taken to violent initiations.
I just live in Kentucky... Which may not seem like such a big deal, especially when compared to what everybody else here has to say, but it kinda is.

Everybody usually has a weird Southern accent, even though we aren't that deep in the South... How they got it is questionable.
We were a Neutral state in the Civil War, yet people walk and drive around with Rebel Flag anything on them.
There's nothing to do here.
And Bluegrass music.

That's about it.
There's nothing of interest, yet people are constantly fighting for political dominance. The nearest town is kinda crappy and only has 1 club, which seems to be mostly punks. My neighbors are total asswipes and are trying to get my family's business shut down just because they're jealous of us.

Im not coming back during/after college, I prefer living around more than 8 people.
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Unless you're 21, there is nothing to do here. There is a mall, bowling alley, and movie theater. I guess that's the bad side of living in the suburbs. There isn't as much around you to do.

Luckily I'm 21 now, so I can go into town and go to the bars with my friends.
I'm in the suburbs with a ton of milfy soccer moms, it's okay i guess.
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It's really hot

this, and also everyone went home for the summer so there's less fun stuff to do.
Go Veg.
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It's near D.C., which in-turn means it's near the Tea Party rallies.


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As much as I like living in regular town in New Jersey, there is nothing to do here.

The only place to "go out" to is Wendys, Burger King, or McDonalds. There is nowhere else to go.

Also, my town is ****ing racist. It is 98% white, and mostly republican. I am white, but I like diversity and I am very liberal.
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-The weather can only be adequately described as "fucking retarded"
-50% of the people here are rich suburban kids with huge houses and the other 50% is extremely poor rednecks who wear hunting shirts and go muddin' every weekend.
-Almost everyone here is stubbornly conservative and religious

It's the southern US, you know the drill
There's nothing to do here, at all.

In fact, I'll have Urban Dictionary tell it like it is:

"Cape Coral

1. The place where every old person in America comes to die.
2. The 5th largest city in Florida, although you can't tell, because nobody, except its residents, knows it even exists.
3. A place where every scene kid in America seems to live, and for fun activities, well you can find some of the "local scene beans" behind the mcdonalds at camalot snorting cocaine, and other various illegal substances.
4.A place that has nothing to do, except for marquee cinemas, and sun splash.
5. A drama filled city, mostly because of all the scene kids, so if your life is boring, become scene.

Very Old Person 1: Hey honey, where do you want to move?
Very Old Person 2: Lets move to Cape Coral, seeing as were going to die soon anyways!

Normal Kid 1: What do you want to do tonight?
Normal Kid 2: Lets go somewhere fun!
Normal Kid 3: How about Marquee Cinemas, or Sun Splash!
Normal Kid 1: But Marquee Cinemas is filled with SCENE KIDS!"
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All of the places for big music concerts, good restaurants, clubs, festivals, etc. are at least a 45 minute drive away from my house and parking is horrendously expensive.
A lot of roughians around and i've seen my fair share of scallywags aswell. It's pretty rundown, in terms of utility there's everything you could need for shopping etc. within a short walk, though little else. A lot of mainroads around and a lot of people crammed into a small area, which is rarely appealing and very noisy. Aesthetically it's just not pleasent at all, factories, off licenses and terraced housing for miles around. Not the worst place to live but suburbs rarely are when you're young. Certainly couldn't live here forever, would drive me insane.
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All the young people go to the worst pub in town.

And there's no employment for anyone who doesn't have years of experience and/or a million qualifications.

Its either this, or that I live in one of the most conservative counties(sp?) in California. I'm from Humboldt, I miss hippies!
Where do I begin?
We don't have a coffee shop
We don't have a bookstore
There are many many rednecks
Everyone knows everyone's business before we even know it our self
Walmart is the only place to go to hang out
Every redneck in highschool brought an acoustic to school and said "Watch me play Free Bird!"
This town is full of posers and emo douche-fags

I could go on for hours.

OH! And the sterotype this area has. Every time I go out of state these things are commonly said. "YOU ACTUALLY WEAR SHOES!?" "YOU AREN'T DATING YOUR COUSIN?"
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