OK... I've got tickets to see Robert Plant and his Band of Joy next weekend.

Has anyone been to this new tour? I'm looking for input on what to expect, like...

Set List - " Does he play any Zepplin stuff"
Voice - How does he sound? or does he have an "Old Man Voice"?
Energy of the show - Was it an enjoyable event?

I'm excited to see him, but I don't want to get my expectations up to high and be dissapointed.

I haven't seen any review on his new tour, so if anyone has any inoput, let me know

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Hes robert ****ing plant haha. go see him even if he does suck. but no, he surrounds himself with solid musicians. band of joy can play, it aint zep but its good shit. And once again, its robert plant. he still has that bluesy wailing voice that made him famous