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I have an ibanez rgt42dx with an original floyd rose added and it currently has some sd blackouts in it (an ahb1 in the neck and ahb2 in the bridge) and I am looking to give up active pickups so I can have some passives. My question is: Could you recommend me some good pickups? I am looking for a:

      here are the specs to my guitar http://www.ibanez.com/ElectricGuitars/model-RGT42DXFM (my guitar isn't flamed maple and has a darker oiled fretboard with "deluxe" fret markers, I don't know if that makes any difference)

      In general what kind of pickups do well with my guitar?(maple neck/mahogany body combo)

      Any help is appreciated, thank you
      For an ibanez I would definately say Dimarzio pickups such as:

      D activator (Bridge or Neck)
      D activator X (also bridge and neck)
      X2N (Bridge Pickup)
      Evo ( bridge Pickup)

      I hope that helped.

      EDIT: wait wait wait.... it also depends on what amp you have too. If its a pretty crappy amp then new pickups wont make a huge difference.
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      you could also try an seymour duncan sh2 jazz model on the neck for clean sound, for the bridge an seymour duncan sh 4 jb model or the sh8 invader which has a very beefy tone.
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