So pit, long story short, I think we all have a time where we look through our kitchens and see next to no food, so I want to know, what interesting food do you have when your running low?
Haha fundip I get some every time I go to SAMs club.
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biscuits. of any variety.
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Pickled onions, pickled eggs, custard powder. All with an expiry date of August 2005
Jacob's Cream Crackers. I always make sure there's a pack or two handy.
we found marmite in my friends cupboard that went out of date in 1986, at least i think that was the date
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What a stupid idea for a thread. I've had threads more interesting than this fade away after an hour of interest.

I guess there are some Twinkies and Nutty Bars back in my cabinet.
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Crutons that expired in '95. =D

This reminds me of the other weekend.
My girlfriend and I drove to her dads house for the weekend to clean it. ( he lives 6-7 hours away) While cleaning the kitchen we found various foods that expired a few years ago. I think the worst thing was something in the fridge that expired in '06. We also found 10+ year old of cognac.

I eat weird stuff on noodles when I can't find anything else.
+ weird salad dressings
+ various dipping sauces
+ oil, and dried bagel toppings
+ pretty much anything that I think will taste good
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One time I put steak sauce inside of a tortilla. It was pretty damn good.
Como te
Canola oil and old rice.

I'm so hungry.
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What a stupid idea for a thread. I've had threads more interesting than this fade away after an hour of interest.

I guess there are some Twinkies and Nutty Bars back in my cabinet.

Awwww... I guess it was just so stupid you felt the need to click on it and then even post

To add something, I have had dry weetabix and nutella before, and that was surprisingly nice
Peanut Butter and chow mein noodles.
Not the best you know but it doesnt taste too bad
I pick up the phone and order a pizza. Seriously.

But yeah, when I'm running low on food it usually means I truly have next to nothing left. Call me a healthy food maniac (quite contradictory with the pizza order comment though), but I never buy snacks, peanut butter, chocolate bars and all that stuff, although I love them. I just feel unbearably guilty whenever I unleash my wrath on a box of Pringles.

I guess my now long gone fatass years constantly hold me back from eating biscuits and stuff.

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zebra cakes..... SO many zebra cakes.... i dont eat them very often but everytime my dad goes to the store he buys them... we have four unopened boxes right now
I order out usually.

Although I dunked some bread in olive oil when that was all I had around the house a couple weeks ago.
I hate half a pound of cheese yesterday. Just opened it up and chomped through the block. Today I went grocery shopping
^Cheese is good food man. Homeless people eat it like bricks. I do every time I make anything with cheese.

Old pizza boxes, man that shits nasty.