Hello everyone. My name is Rich. I am the Marketing Coordinator for Dark Horse Strings.

Before you go flagging this as an advertisement, please read on...

I am looking for seasoned bassists from all genres to test some strings and write a review for us. I will be choosing a limited number of people, so act fast if you are interested in this opportunity.

There is no cost or future obligation what-so-ever.

For more information, please contact me via PM or email.

Thank you,
Rich U
Marketing Coordinator
Dark Horse Strings
i'm a little skeptical about this.
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You should start a site or direct people to your company's site before you promote your goods. That's the only way people can see what you really have to offer. A simple forum post doesn't fulfill that at all.
Quote by funkbass369
i'm a little skeptical about this.

I know what you mean.
I mean, I'm willing to try them but still...just a tad bit sketchy.

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IM interested, but Im not stupid, What of my info do you need? if its more than an adress and an Email you're not getting it.
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This thread is locked.

Rich, if you wish for me to reopen this thread please send me a private message containing terms and conditions of this offer and all the information you require from the forum members.
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