So ever since prep school I've wanted to learn to play guitar and finally(im starting college this fall) I got an acoustic. I've been using online tutorials for 5 days and so far I can play the C-Major, G-Major and D-Major chords. I'm also slightly getting the hang of switching between G and D(although I still hit the wrong strings once every few times). That's all I can do though and I still don't feel like I'm switching fast enough (it takes me about a second at BEST) so I don't know if I should throw the C into the mix or wait until I master the first 2. Any advice on how to get the hang of this and if I'm on the right track?

Thx in advance ^^

P.S. If it matters I'm an 18 yr old guy...
Keep at it...it'll come with practice and dedication!
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Yep, right track there! Just keep practicing, it'll come easy enough soon.
There's a truck load of songs using C, G, D, Am, Em chords. All easy shapes once you've got the hang of them, so great fun to play and practice on.

I would recommend trying to get Bm barre chord down as soon as you can, cos it's a right bugger!
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Eh well, you are kinda on the right track.
Try to get all the basic open chords in.

Such as A, Am, C, D, Dm, E, Em, G

Then learn the Dominant 7th chords.

Just try and play them, mix them together, try and make a song...

Then you will eventually get used to changes...

Play some basic songs.
(look on this site.)

As you are a 18 year old male, you only need like 4 chords to get you laid.

They are C, G, Am and the tough one: F.
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and your on the right track your learning something
one of the best way to learn how switch between chords is to learn songs with those chords
may i suggest some easy johnny cash
Thx for the advice and motivation! I'll take the advice and learn those chords and practice the basic songs I can find(this site is REALLY USEFUL)

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As you are a 18 year old male, you only need like 4 chords to get you laid.

Actually I don't need any chords to get laid =P...I just mentioned it in case age/sex matter when learning