Poll: Best brand for Metal in your opinion?
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B.C Rich
0 0%
6 33%
4 22%
12 67%
Voters: 18.
Im not trying to cause arguments here, but all my mates debate between these. My opinion from what I've heard is that B.C Rich have crap low end guitars but good high end. Ibanez are either love or hate. Jackson are best for metal and ESP are good all rounders. So, in your opinion which is the best based on: Reliability, Sound, Looks and how it feels and sound to solo on (whether it's shredding or slow melodic stuff).
esp. they have something for everyone

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Definately Ibanez IMO, but ESP's are a very very close second.
Ibanez makes great guitars for beginners, and their higher-end guitars for advanced players are simply awesome.
I have an RG Series guitar, with the flat wizard neck? and it rocks for everything with the right pickups
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Ibanez's usually have a too slim neck for my sakes, but they can be used for just about anything unless you get a iceman or something of them sorts.

But the poll says 'best brand for metal'
So um, ESP. they go from the total brutal to pretty nice strat copies, but its a bit out of touch from the usual stuff ESP go for. Also esps have a better feel in the neck imo, more appealing to look at, finishes look nicer, they have a bit more character, etc etc.
OLD JACKSON BEFORE FENDER TOOK OVER. no better guitar for metal than a soloist.
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i love ibanez but they arent for everyone
so esp followed closely by ibanez and then jackson
ive never played a bc rich i liked
Iunno. I like Deans, but they get a bad rep around here because of the Razorbacks and the $300 X series(I haven't seen anything bad about anything else they make, and I see a lot of love for the VMNT, so I'm thinking it's mostly just bandwagoning). Ibanezes sound fine, yeah, but I find the necks too small and the I've found the lack of contouring on the RGs I've played to be very uncomfortable, like I'm playing a cardboard box. ESPs are supposed to be nice, but they don't make ANY lefty models(hahaha, thanks guys!) and I only spent 5 minutes or so picking at an MH of some sort in my first 3 months of playing, so I wouldn't know. BC Rich is a massive hit or miss IMO, my old bandmate's Masterpiece Bich isn't bad for the $400 he played for it, the only real complaint he and I have about it is the port being on the side, not on front, but my late '80s model Assassin is a piece of utter crap; muddy pickups, some sort of crappy licensed Floyd Rose, really slow neck, scale's too short for my liking, and really heavy for the size of it(my ML and my SG both weigh about half of it and they're both bigger). Jackson, on the other hand, I've never heard anything bad about a Jackson, and the Soloist I played was both the only Superstrat I'd consider buying(I *HATE* the look, feel and weight of a Superstrat) and the only guitar with a Floyd Rose I'd consider buying(after the FUNFUNFUN with my BC Rich spending half an hour whenever I wanted to restring it). So I'd go with Jackson out of those four. =P
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I mean this one time I was jacking it pertty hard and was making noises and what not

You, my friend, are a genius!