So I just watched this video, and I figured I'm using the wrist rolling method he speaks about. It helps me with my pinky(if you remember a few days ago, I made a thread called "pinky noises").

My question is, is it actually a bad habit to do so? It's pretty much the only way I can remove my pinky off a string without any noises.
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It is a bad habit in the sense that you'll be handicapping yourself from playing anything other than rather simple licks. You'll also eventually be able to fret more accurately and quickly using your fingers if you train them. Kind of a similar situation to those who want to pick using their elbow rather than their wrist. It's a common shortcut that limits you in the long run.
Mate just spend half an hour doing it at half tempo without the habit, I think its 32 times over or something to form a new habit.