'i just want you to be happy' he said
as he forgot the emotions filling his head
his mother sat crying at the foot of the bed
and to think these were his happiest years.
'i just want him in my life' she said
she couldnt get his picture out of her head
but of course the boy would rather him dead
just to put an end to all of his fears.
oh oh longing for simpler times
isnt this food sublime
a drink and a smoke
give the fire a poke
but now its ended up like this
but no its ended up like this.
i wish i could go to a place
where no one noticed or saw my face
where i didnt have to stand up straight
where i was never early or late
and where everyone i pass in the street
didnt stare at their feet
they smile and shake my hand
i fill my pockets full of sand
whenever i'm on holiday
so the fun wont go away.
"but now its ended up like this
but no its ended up like this."

Just one question. Is it just a mistake that the tops says "now" and the bottom says "no" or is that on purpose? I think it would add a little bit of variety to have that line repeating because all of the others are different, you know?

Oh, and at the end "so the fun wont go away." Have you considered "so the sun wont go away."? I think that just adds a nice visual to the ending.

I'm not trying to rewrite your work, because i really really like it, those are just a couple of my thoughts.