I'm at the library right now; other than that, I'm at my dads for a couple days, and there's absolutely nothing to do.....

I play bass and drums, but he lives in an apartment, and that's a no to drumming, and I'm letting someone use my bass while I give them lessons.

I've got an acoustic guitar from my mom, which I'm kind of counting on to keep me entertained for the weekends I spend here.... However, I don't play guitar, other than just messing around on my bandmates instruments at practices..... the point I'm trying to make is that I can't really play much of anything.

What are some really easy songs that you'd recommend to start with? Some bands I'm into are Interpol, Smashing Pumpkins, The Silversun Pickups, Placebo and Senses Fail. I'll be able to print tabs to any songs while I'm here at the library. I don't really plan on going all-out with learning guitar, but I'm here every other weekend, and there's times when I can't play drums at my house (mainly when people are trying to sleep), so I guess it might become a bit of a hobby.....

Anyways, although it's an acoustic, I'm fine with songs meant for electric, just try to avoid going past the 15th fret.... it doesn't have the best fret access.
Well the only band I listen to out of those is Smashing Pumpkins so I'll name some of them.

Today is pretty easy, one of the first songs I learned and it should sound alright on an acoustic. Another easy one for me was the Everlasting Gaze not sure how that'll sound on an acoustic and Bullet with butterfly wings is also another kinda easy one and it should sound alright on an acoustic.
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Today is also one of the first songs I learned to play, so is Basket Case by Green Day.

If your going to try the Green Day one then don't worry to much right away about the palm muting. Just get the rhythm and timing right .
Sweet Dreams by Marylin Manson
It's a good cover, it's freakishly easy(I taught my 8 year old niece the main part in about 10 minutes) It also doesn't sound like something you'd expect from Manson if you're not into his music.
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Wind cries mary by Hendrix is a good one, if he's learning bass the tab is relatively simple (if not just take a few notes out) and the guitar is a good one to work with for a while as a beginner as you can start by playing the open chords or w/e move on to barre chords and eventually add the embellishments one by one, simple to sing and fun to play live
Planet Claire by The B-52's. It doesn't go any higher than the fifth fret.
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All The Small Things [Blink182]
Basket Case [GreenDay]
Enter Sandman [Metallica] (a little hard but beginners can get it)
Good Riddance Time Of Your Life [GreenDay]
Therapy [All Time Low]
Damned If I Do Ya [All Time Low]
Adam's Song [Blink182]

And thats a lil beginner songs for the Alternative liker
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Try learn Choke On This by Senses Fail, pretty good song with combinations on Barre chords, Power chords and Palm Muting.
Good Luck
Dude mentionning a song with Barre Chords for a beginner... I'm not sure it's the best idea ever. Of course he plays bass so maybe he can pull it off, but on an acoustic, barre chords are a bitch !
Hell even on my electrics, with 10 gauge it's not that easy...
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Let it be, by the Beatles.
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I can play the common Drop D powerchord bar, but not much past that; for example, something like this:

e 3
B 3
G 3
D 5
A 5
E 3

Is absolutely impossible for me; I don't get how people can get so good with index barring.....

Anyways, thanks for all the suggestions; I'm looking into them all.