Hi guys. Right first up, I have a shure sm57 microphone connected to my laptop and I'm using it to record onto audacity. The problem is no matter how much I adjust input levels its just not picking up my guitar very well. I am using microsoft windows xp and this has realtek hd audio manager as well. I have adjusted all those input levels and still nothing. Please help, I'm dying record some stuff? Appreciate any help I can get, cheers guys!!
I do have a line6 interface, but audacity isn't picking it up. I am not sure how to get audacity to accept it. Any ideas?
Ok so now I have microphone plugged into my toneport ux1, plugged in by usb into my laptop. But I'm stuck on how to start now. If I press record straight after loading audacity, it says check input device settings. However when going onto settings, it doesn't provide me with a relevant option.
Try updating the ux1 drivers. If that doesn't work, download Reaper, it's a better program anyway and it's free (unless that changed recently) for 30 days, but fully functional after that. The license is only £40 anyway though, and the software is well worth that.
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you need GearBox or whatever its called these days...to get the interface working.
After that you can go into your sequencer of choice and tell it to get audio from the interface.

I second Reaper. You can use it forever without paying but its suggested that you read the TOS and spend the stated fee, (usually $70 for most people).
Reaper looks amazing. All those functions could really come in handy. However like bettyswollox I'm just wanting to plug in and record some raw sounds, but am not getting a signal (in the form of a sound wave displayed on the screen)
My AI (Lexicon Lambda) and M-audio Solaris condenser mic are definitely working. I'm suspecting the problem may lie in the setup.
Thanks in advance.