I have an old peavey classic 4x10 combo, and the "head" sounds great through another cab but the speakers in the combo itself are shot, so I want to restore it by buying 4 new speakers for it. THe problem is I dont know what kind of wiring configuration I can do. The amp runs at 4 ohms, and I will probably just buy 4 of the same 10'' speakers. Do I have to buy 4 ohm speakers, or can I put in four 8 or 16 ohms speakers and somehow wire them to 4 ohms? Hopefuly i worded that so it makes sense. Also what would be some good speaker suggestions? Im thinking around $60-70/speaker for the time being.
Four 16Ω speakers in parallel is a 4Ω load. If you wire two pairs of 4Ω speakers in series then wire the pairs in parallel you can also achieve a 4Ω load.
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