I've got a Gibson Sg Special with a 490T pickup at the bridge. I've been considering swapping it out for a Gibson 498T, 500T or possibly a Dirty Fingers pickup. I guess I should start out by asking, will I hear a difference in tone if I swap my pickup out?
you should, the major factors that affect tone are, pickups, strings, guitar body wood, cables and amp
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you should, the major factors that affect tone are, pickups, strings, guitar body wood, cables and amp

Oh really?

TS; the biggest factor will your amp. If you have a pretty good amp, you'll be able to tell a legitimate difference.

Also, with a 490R in the neck, I wouldn't put a 500T or Dirty Fingers. Those pickups might overpower the 490R completely. A 498T would be fine.

So what amp do you have?
I'm using a peavy valveking halfstack, its decent. I'm not too worried about overpowering the 490R, I rarely rarely use it.
Alright. Well what exactly are you going to be playing? All of those pickups are pretty high-output. The 498T is the most mellow. 500T is quite harsh, but with some tone knob adjustment it can be pretty smooth. Very high output. The Dirty Fingers is a little higher output, I think.
well I play everything from classic rock to hard rock. My flying V has the 500T. I really love the sound it makes so I was just thinking about getting something better than the 490 in the sg.
Hmmm... well maybe you should go with a 498T for some different sound? That is one of my personal favorite pickups. Very flexible.
Yeah I was thinking about the 498T because its in the Sg standard. I'd agree on having different pickups to get a different sound, makes total sense to me. I was also thinking dirty fingers because, well, you dont see them very often.
Yeah the 498T would be great. The Angus Young pickup is pretty over priced... it's not really worth it.
Alright that's what I figured. Looks like it only makes a little more output than the 498T on Gibson's charts, and for $40 more, it cant do that much. I'll start looking into buying a 498T. Last question. Would I have to modify my wire harness at all to install a new pickup?
It's more the voicing of the pickup, it's not worth it. I couldn't tell you anything about wiring, but I would imagine swapping a Gibson pickup for a Gibson pickup wouldn't really make you swap out much besides the pickup.
Alright, thanks for all your help man. I bet it'll be easy. The electronics in guitars aren't complicated so I can probably figure it out.
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yeah, I figure its just a solder or 2, take the screws out, put the new one in resolder... good to go.