What I mean to ask is: what usually is the Hz associated with an acoustic guitar sound in a song? I would like to temporarily change the equalizer for a particular song so I can tab it here. I wanted to ask this question somewhere before screwing around with the equalizer myself.
Boost around 1khz(might want to move it around a bit, actually) in order to make the notes of the guitar stick out a little bit more, and around 250hz to hear the bass notes of the guitar more. These are not the actual hz of the notes being played on the guitar, but because strings are not perfect sine wave generating objects, but have lots of timbre (when you play the string, they vibrate at a certain frequency with many smaller vibrations as well, which makes a saxophone sound different from a guitar if they both play a G). By boosting around those frequency ranges, it will bring out the harmonic frequencies more prevalent in guitars.