That Poseidon. I want it!
HELLEDIT: Holy piss, 4300 EUROS? damn, I can't afford that.
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I've heard of Esh before, but unfortunately I don't know anyone who has experience with one. Personally I'm not a fan of the shapes. If I was spending that much money, I'd probably go to a luthier, or go through a Custom Shop and get exactly what I wanted, instead of picking a base model and picking out a top/finish.
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Why did I have to look at this page? As if my GAS wasn't bad enough.

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Esh basses are works of art; much like the masterpieces made by Jens Ritter. Sadly, they are only slightly less expensive than a Ritter. But if you've got the cash, go for it.
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those stingers *drool* now i have gas.

at the price tho i could get a really good wick.
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