so i've been doing my picking ....
i used to practice at around 50% of my max speed
but recently i decided to do it the Tom Hess way

5 sessions @ 25% (from max speed)
3 sessions @ 50%
3 sessions @ 60%
5 sessions @ 80%
1 session @ 85%
10 sessions @ 90%
and a week at 100%

today, when i went on to then 50%....


what the hell
i feel like i have no control :S
is this normal? should it be like that?
its much sloppier than it was before

plzz help : (
i didnt actually do 5 sessions, i did alot more cuz i felt it was not perfect and didnt want to move on just in case. i moved on even tho it still wasnt perfect, i still made some mistakes from time to time. not often

idk did you pay attention when you were practicing or were you watching tv?

You might want to focus on hand position and economy in motion at lower speeds so your naturally accurate later. Form and accuracy are everything when it comes to speed. You might be able to pick at 200+ bpm, but if your fretting hand is out of sync its pointless. Also, a little legato makes you sound way faster than you really are, but once again requires slow, accurate practice. Picking speed only goes so far.

Focus, you'll get there.
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Quote by tenfold
I'd like to see a video of you practicing. You always say you can't get up to speed, there must be something you're doing wrong.

i think so too
but i do pay attention
i will make a video of me practicing at 25%
one day lol