Hey everyone, loving my new Seagull Original Acoustic. I want to know if a roadrunner hardshell case would be another highly encouraged investment to keeping it safe. I will be taking it to my dorm, and borrowing my friend's New York Pro soft case is kinda bothering me. I know I want a hard case like my Ibanez's Gator Case. Do I have to spend $100ish on it, or are there places to buy em for cheaper? Thanks!
I've paid as little as $70 for a hard case, so I know you have options. I'm sure you'll want your guitar along for the purchase so you can be certain that it will fit properly. I encourage a hard case always, I've never even owned a gig bag. A hard case provides stronger storage, greater climate control, and peace of mind. Look around and see what you can find. If you order something online, make sure you have all of the necessary measurements before placing an order.
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If you keep an eye on craigslist (assuming there's an active craigslist where you are), it's not difficult to find a hard case for $20 or so. Yeah, it might not be in pristine condition, but it'll still protect your Seagull just fine. And maybe it will be in pristine condition; lots of cases spend their lives sitting in bedroom closets, where they're not really subjected to any abuse.

Oh, and if you come across a TRIC case (also a Seagull product), I can highly recommend it, as well. (I obtained my TRIC case from a fellow who was including it with the S6 he was selling. I asked, but he wouldn't sell me just the case. So I bought the S6 + TRIC, and turned around the next day and sold the S6 for $10 more than I'd laid out the previous day. In effect, getting the TRIC case for nothing, and $10 to cover my bother.)

And you're right to want a hard case, and not just a gig bag. I would add that theft (mostly of notebook computers, but most thieves won't ignore a guitar if it's just sitting there begging to be stolen) is an issue at many college dorms, so while keeping your Seagull in a hard case is good, don't neglect to also take all the standard precautions with regard to protecting your possessions from being stolen.
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check these out. they're made of foam, so they're light, but they're as tough as any other hardcase i have. i'd trust them with gear on top / through long car rides / whatever. plus they're made for seagulls, so it'll fit your guitar like a glove (as long as your's is a dreadnaught style). ANDDD they're "temperature resistant" which i was skeptical about until last week. my AC broke and my room was up to 95° at some points. guitar was fine! still plays great. definitely something to look into, i can't recommend it enough for seagulls (and others)

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Yep mine is a dreadnought series. Thanks for the suggestion! It's $100 also, but I'll definitely consider something like that if it's specifically made for seagulls.